Jonathan Kay: Latest Articles, Podcasts, Book News, & Media Appearances

Jonathan Kay: Latest Articles, Podcasts, Book News, & Media Appearances
Jonathan Kay is Canadian Editor of Quillette, a TedX speaker, substacker, founder of the WrongSpeak podcast, a former columnist and managing editor at National Post, co-host of the Quillette podcast, and an advisor to the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Le Point, Foreign Policy, Skeptic, Canadian Lawyer, Gotham, and Canadian Jewish News. His books include Among The Truthers (2011), Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America (2016), Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life (2019), Panics and Persecutions (2020), and Magic In The Dark: One Family’s Century Of Adventures In The Movie Business (2022). His awards include Engineers Canada’s award for Journalism Excellence in Engineering, Canada’s National Newspaper Award for Editorial Writing, Canada’s National Newspaper Award for Critical Writing, Canada’s National Magazine Award, and Canada’s National Magazine Awards: B2B. You can follow/DM him on Twitter at @jonkay.

January 12, 2023, Quillette, A Mob Stormed a Feminist Event at McGill Law School—in Defence of Gender Justice, of Course

January 3, 2023, Quillette Podcast #205: From Golden Girls Super-fan to Right-Wing Culture Warrior: The Strange Journey of Dave Rubin

December 25, 2022, Quillette, In the World of Astrophysics, One Failed Cancel Campaign Led to Another

December 15, 2022, Quillette Podcast #204: Discovering Your Inner ‘Demisexual’

December 14, 2022, Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, Can a social justice movement go too far? A Canadian case study.

December 12, 2022, Quillette, A Rush to Judgement in Psychological Science

December 9, 2022, Quillette, Ignoring Biological Reality Puts Female Hockey Players at Risk

December 5, 2022, Quillette Podcast #203: A Marriage Lost to Gender Identity

November 24, 2022, National Post, Jamie Sarkonak: Jon Kay’s legal victory exposes Canadian Anti-Hate Network's anti-conservative agenda

November 22, 2022, Quillette, How Do We Protect Ourselves from Billion-Dollar Boy-Men?

November 21, 2022, Quillette, Podcast #202: How Dubious Racism Accusations Brought Down the Guggenheim Museum’s Top Curator

November 20, 2022, Le Point, Sur Twitter, le problème ne vient pas d’Elon Musk, mais de vous

November 9, 2022, Deeply Problematic, Guelph University Hosted a Racially Segregated Yoga Class. Then Things Got Weirder

November 6, 2022, Quillette Podcast #201: Sahar Tartak on Fighting Back Against Coerced ‘Anti-Racist’ Indoctrination in American Education

November 5, 2022, Quillette, Forget Elon Musk. Maybe the Problem with Twitter Is You

Nov 1, 2022, Deeply Problematic, How a Fake Arson Narrative Helped the Liberals Brand the Convoy Protest as a ‘National Emergency’

October 31, 2022, Quillette, Welcome to Canada, Where Everyone’s a Génocidaire

October 27, 2022, Quillette, Yale Law School, 25 Years Later

October 25, 2022, Modes of Inquiry Podcast

October 23, 2022, Quillette Podcast #200: Jonathan Kay on the State of Journalism, the Perils of Audience Capture, and the Art of Podcasting

October 16, 2022, Quillette, Once a Man, Never a Woman

October 10, 2022, Quillette Podcast #199: Andrew Lawton on the Legacy of Canada’s 2022 ‘Freedom Convoy’

October 6, 2022, Quillette, Svante Pääbo and the Human Story

October 2, 2022, Quillette, Exalting an ‘Anti-Colonial’ Gender Identity

September 28, 2022, AM640 with John Oakley

September 28, 2022, Quillette, Disc Golf’s Lia Thomas Moment

September 26, 2022, Deeply Problematic, A definition of woke

September 22, 2022, Quillette Podcast #198: Kushal Mehra on the Explosive Growth of YouTube in India

September 20, 2022, Quillette, Canada’s Cultural-Appropriation Tempest, Five Years Later

September 16, 2022, Deeply Problematic, The Canadian Gender-Rights Movement Enters Its Hentai Phase

September 15, 2022, Quillette, Captiongate: How a Single Zoom Call Propelled Canada’s Greens Into Pronoun Meltdown

September 14, Deeply Problematic, You Knew I’d Get Here Eventually

September 9, 2022, Quillette Podcast #197: From VisiCalc to Global Cloud Computing: Lessons from a Lifelong Love Affair with Digital Technology

September 7, 2022, University of Chicago Press, The Perils of Invention: Lying, Technology, and the Human Condition, Chapter 6: Media Culture Is Destroying American Politics

September 6, 2022, National Post FullComment podcast: Oops, we hired a raving bigot to teach anti-racism

September 5, 2022, Musically Speaking Podcast

August 28, 2022, Quillette Podcast #196: When Workplace Anti-Racism Training Goes Off the Rails

August 25, 2022, Quillette, The Line Between Anti-Racism and Racism Keeps Getting Fainter

August 10, 2022, Quillette, Apple’s Depressing Denouement

August 9, 2022, CityNews, The Todd Veinotte Show

August 8, 2022, Podcast #195: Meet the 80-Year-Old Feminist Who Got Banned From the YMCA for Protesting Male Bodies in the Women’s Locker Room

August 5, 2022, Let’s Get Board, A Week of Gaming at Tennessee Maneuvers, 2022

August 3, 2022, Quillette Podcast #194: Canada’s Unmarked-Graves Social Panic: How Did the Media Get This Blockbuster Story So Wrong?

July 23, 2022, Quillette, A Media-Fueled Social Panic Over Unmarked Graves

July 21, 2022, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Critical Race Theory Wasn’t Always Like This

July 18, 2022, Quillette Podcast #193: Understanding Wokeness as a Make-Work Strategy for the Privileged Class

July 6, 2022, Quillette Podcast #192: James Kirchick on Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington

June 20, 2022, Quillette Podcast #191: Richard Dawkins on the Wonders of Flight

June 19, 2022, Quillette, Critical Race Theory Wasn’t Always Like This

June 6, 2022, Quillette Podcast #190, Featuring Helen Joyce: ‘Sex Realism’ Versus ‘Sex Denialism’: Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Gender Ideology?

June 4, 2022, Quillette, The Case Against Hate-Speech Laws: a Canadian Perspective

May 23, 2022, Quillette Podcast #189, Featuring Aaron Sibarium: Progressive Social Panic at Yale and Princeton

May 8, 2022, Quillette, When Disagreement Becomes Trauma

May 7, 2022, Quillette Podcast #188: How Elon Musk Can Promote Free Speech—Without Turning Twitter Into One Big ‘Dumpster Fire’

May 6, 2022, Quillette editorial, Building a Better Twitter

May 3, 2022, And Another Thing podcast, “Jon Kay On Monopoly Lessons, The Problems With Society And The Battle For Free Speech

April 26, 2022, Twitter space, “The Haters Inside the CAHN

April 24, 2022, Quillette Podcast #187: Rob Montz on Harvard University’s Campaign Against One of Its Most Famous (and Politically Incorrect) Black Professors

April 19, 2022, The Biblio File podcast, hosted by Nigel Beale: Jonathan Kay on how to be a ghostwriter

April 13, 2022, Quillette podcast #186: Frances Widdowson on the Questions Canadians Aren’t Supposed to Ask About Unmarked Graves

April 6, 2022, Quillette, The ‘MoonSwatch’ Made Me Rethink My Relationship with Wristwatches

April 5, 2022, Quillette Podcast #185: Shmuel Bar on the War in Ukraine, and the Failure of Western Deterrence

March 24, 2022, Quillette Podcast #184: Sam Harris on Islam, Joe Rogan, Vaccines, Meditation, Ricky Gervais, and the Myth of Free Will

March 23, 2022, Quillette, Ukraine’s Suffering Shows Culture Warriors What a Real War Looks Like: a Quillette Editorial

March 19, 2022, Quillette, I Didn’t Care About Crypto—Until a Fake Canadian ‘Emergency’ Showed Me Why We Need It

March 12, 2022, “Haunted by phantom honking”: Jon Kay on the Freedom Convoy and Trudeau’s Canada, The Same Drugs with Meghan Murphy

March 9, 2022 Quillette Podcast #183: Russia’s Surprising Military Blunders in Ukraine: A Strategic Analysis

March 8, 2022, Quillette Podcast #182: Jacob Mchangama on His New Book, ‘Free Speech, a History from Socrates to Social Media’

March 7, 2022, Meghan Daum’s Unspeakable podcast: Can We Move Past The Culture Wars?

March 5, 2022, Let’s Get Board, No pasarán: HazMo11 and the Spanish Civil War in Advanced Squad Leader

March 3, 2022, Quillette, Vladimir Putin’s Medieval Mindset

February 27, 2022, Quillette Podcast #181: Chris Best on Substack’s Commitment to Free Speech

February 26, 2022, The Australian, If Donald Trump Were a Woke Canadian, He’d Be Justin Trudeau

February 25, 2022, Wall Street Journal, If Donald Trump Were a Woke Canadian, He’d Be Justin Trudeau

February 22, 2022, Quillette, The Ottawa Trucker Protest Was Disruptive. The Hysterical Reaction to It Was Worse

February 21, 2022, WABC Radio, NYC, interview

February 20, 2022, Feminist Current, The ground-breaking 1917 birth control film the world never got to see

February 19, 2022, Musically Speaking podcast with Chong Nguyen

February 17, 2022, Loose Canon Podcast, Canada update: emergency powers and protest

February 16, 2022, The Cārvāka Podcast, Canadian Truckers Protest

February 15, 2022, Quillette Podcast #180: Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” Protesters, in Their Own Words

February 14, 2022, Al Jazeera interview

February 12, 2022, Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ was on a path to nowhere—until its critics overplayed their hand

February 11, 2022, guest on 📻RADIO Programa Día a Día con César Miguel Rondón

February 9, 2022, True North podcast

February 7, 2022, Washington Post, Canada’s truck convoy is just a stunt in a country where populism is still taboo

February 1, 2022, Globe & Mail, The future of moviegoing, according to the family that spent the past 100 years building it up

January 31, 2022, National Post, To Ottawa progressives, the trucker convoy is a military invasion they are bravely resisting

January 30, 2022, Quillette Podcast #179: Racist Orcs, Ableist Adventures, and Non-Binary Monsters: Can ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Survive Wokeness?

January 29, 2022, How Fringe Khalistanis Bully the Moderate Sikh Majority

January 28, 2022, Confronting the Madness podcast

January 27, 2022, Blackballed with Jamies Di Fiore podcast

January 25, 2022, Broadway World, Review: MAGIC IN THE DARK by Charles B. Moss and Jonathan Kay

January 24, 2022, Gotham, The Complicated Legacy of Paul Moss, La Guardia’s Infamous “Gutter-Cleaner”

January 19, 2022, Forbes review of Magic in the Dark, by Charles B. Moss and Jonathan Kay

January 18, 2022, Quillette Podcast #178: Michael Shermer on Watching Scientific American Go Woke

January 12, 2022, The Podcast for Inquiry

January 10, 2022, Quillette, We’re All Going to Get Omicron

January 7, 2022, Culture At A Crossroads podcast

January 3, 2022, Quillette Podcast #177: New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat on His Hellish Experience with Lyme Disease

December 31, 2021, National Post, Have you read any good books lately?

December 28, 2021, National Post, How woke can you go? In 2021, the answer was ‘very’, apparently

December 24, 2021, Quillette Podcast #176: Jonathan Kay on Middle Age, Watch Collecting, Sports Cars, Board Games, and Disc Golf

December 23, 2021, Quillette, B.S. Moss and the Dawn of the Movie-Palace Era, an excerpt from the newly published Magic in the Dark, by Charles B. Moss Jr. and Jonathan Kay

December 20, 2021, Quillette Podcast #175: Paul Lockhart on How Guns Shaped the Western World

December 19, 2021, Bob Got a Microphone

December 10, 2021, Quillette Podcast #174: Trent Colbert Turns the Tables on Yale Law School’s Kafkaesque Diversity Department

December 5, 2021, Escaping Denver podcast

November 28, 2021, Quillette Podcast #173: Batya Ungar-Sargon on the Growing Gulf Between Ordinary Americans and the Progressive Journalists Who Cover Them

November 20, 2021, Quillette, Confession and Conspiracism in the Church of Social Justice

November 13, 2021, Quillette Podcast #172: Nancy Segal on Lessons in Human Nature Revealed by Identical Twins

November 9, 2021, Quillette Podcast #171: Michael Shellenberger on How Progressive Activists Are Making American Cities Poorer, Dirtier, and More Dangerous

November 7, 2021, Quillette, Anti-Racism as Office-Politics Power Play: a Canadian Academic Case Study

October 28, 2021, Quillette Podcast #170: Will Storr on Our Insatiable Appetite for Status

October 21, Quillette Podcast #169: Harvard Professor Steven Pinker on Rational Thinking, the Monty Hall Problem, and the Case for Objective Truth

October 20, 2021, Quillette, Studying the True Face of Gender Ideology

October 9, 2021, Canada Strong and Free, CSFRNC21 Panel on C-36 and Vaccine Passports

October 5, 2021, The New Forum, The Divide Between Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers

October 4, 2021, Quillette Podcast #168: Jonathan Haidt on Instagram’s Mental Health Emergency

September 27, 2021, Quillette Podcast #167: Vivek Ramaswamy on the ‘Woke Smoke’ Blown by Corporate America

September 26, 2021, Quillette, My Life as a Podcaster

September 23, 2021, Daily Signal podcast, Long Arm of Cancel Culture Comes for Knitting

September 21, 2021, National Post, After this grubby campaign, who in their right mind would want to run for office?

September 19, 2021, Quillette Podcast #166: Josh Szeps on the Myth of Australia’s COVID ‘Concentration Camps’

September 14, 2021, National Post, Anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories aren’t just killing people. They’re tearing society apart

September 13, 2021, Quillette Podcast #165: Peter Boghossian on Why He Quit Portland State University

September 10, 2021, 77 WABC New York City, Frank Morano Show

September 9, 2021, New York Times interview, How a Viral Video Bent Reality

September 8, 2021, iHeart Radio: Jamil Jivani Show, Why is the Canadian left vulnerable to conspiracy theories?

September 7, 2021, Quillette Podcast #164: Comedian and Podcaster Jamie Kilstein on His COVID-era Struggles

September 3, 2021, Quillette, Making the (Conservative) Case for Vaccine Passports

September 1, 2021, The Dean Blundell Show

September 1, 2021, Quillette Podcast #163: Satirist Simon Edge on His New Novel, ‘The End of the World Is Flat,’ a Send-up of Radical Gender Politics

August 31, 2021, National Post, Why the Canadian Left Believes Kooky Conspiracy Theories About Coded Nazi Messages

August 24, 2021, National Post, Can Facebook’s election fact checkers measure up to Twitter’s crowdsourced hive mind?

August 23, 2021, Quillette Podcast #162: Journalist and Book Author Terry Glavin on the Fall of Kabul and the Fate of Afghanistan

August 5, 2021, Quillette Podcast #161: Comedian Jessica Pigeau on ‘Safe Space’ Performers, Progressive Mobbing, and Anxiety Overload in the World of Stand-Up

July 29, 2021, Jewish Institute For Liberal Values podcast

July 23, 2021, Quillette Podcast #159: Jonathan Kay on Life at Quillette, The New York Times, FOX News, Seth Rogen, His New Book, and Del Boca Vista

July 20, 2021, Quillette, Should Critical Race Theory Be Banned in Public Schools? — a Conversation with Christopher F. Rufo

July 20, 2021, Let’s Get Board, Getting Board in Tennessee

July 19, 2021, The Dean Blundell Show

July 13, 2021, Quillette Podcast #157: Christopher Rufo’s Whirlwind Campaign Against Critical Race Theory

July 10, 2021, National Post, The performative snobbery of social justice invades the supermarket

July 6, 2021, Quillette Podcast #156: Christian Toto on Progressive Ideological Inroads Into Children’s Shows, Anti-Racist Baby Books, And… Breakfast Cereal

July 1, 2021, The Signal, National Ghosts: Should Canada Day be cancelled? Jonathan Kay on a multicultural democracy’s colonial reckonings

June 28, 2021, Conversations With Canadians

June 27, 2021, Quillette Podcast #155: Heather Mac Donald on The Juilliard School’s Strange Anti-Racist Meltdown

June 24, 2021, Quillette, Standing Up to the Gender Ideologues: a Quillette Editorial

June 23, 2021: National Post, Junk Science Week: This just in: Biological sex is a myth

June 17, 2021, National Post, The Left’s Obsession with America’s Culture Wars is Corroding Canada’s Identity, National Post

June 16, 2021, Generation Liberty, on Andrei Platonov’s “The Foundation Pit.”

June 14, 2021, Quillette Podcast #153: Michael Shermer on Our Enduring Fascination with UFOs

June 10, 2021, Paranoid Planet podcast

May 28, 2021, Niagara Independent, Brock University’s senior administration clannish and dysfunctional

May 28, 2021, Quillette Podcast #151: Kenny Xu on Asian-Americans’ Success, And Their Complicated Placement in the Progressive ‘Intersectional’ Hierarchy

May 15, 2021, Diana Davison podcast, On Power and Social Justice

May 14, 2021, Quillette Podcast #149: Lingnan University scholar Peter Baehr on Academic Life Within Hong Kong’s Increasingly Repressive Political Atmosphere

May 13, 2021, National Post, The cancellation of Michelle Latimer has become (another) disgrace to the CBC

May 12, 2021, The LeDrew Theee-Minute Interview, In 2021 is Everyone Racist?

May 3, 2021, Dean Blundell Show panelist

April 30, 2021, The Same Drugs podcast

April 30, 2021, Quillette, Podcast #147: Richard Hanania on the Real Reason Progressives Are Winning the Culture War: They Just Want It More

April 29, 2021, Canadian Justice News Forum panelist

April 28, 2021, ReNews, Journalism and History: Is the Narrative Being Co-Opted by an Ideological Agenda?

April 23, 2021, National Post, Oh Look: Now the Ravines Are Racist, Too

April 18, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 145: Sean McMeekin on ‘Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II’

April 16, 2021, Quillette, The Search to Explain Our Anxiety and Depression: Will ‘Long COVID’ Become the Next Gender Ideology?

April 14, 2021, Washington Post, The U.S. Vaccine Roll-out Is Making Canadians Envious

April 9, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 144: James Kirchick on ‘The Disintegration of the ACLU’

April 2, 2021, Quillette Podcast 143: Daphne Merkin on the Baseless Abuse Claims Against Woody Allen — And Why The Media Refuses to Let Them Die

March 28, 2021, Quillette Podcast 142: Nancy Rommelmann and Michael Totten on Portland’s Descent Into Violence — And Why They Finally Decided to Flee

March 27, 2021, Global Stratview, Khalistan and the West: Are allies complicit in encouraging a secessionist movement in India?

March 24, 2021, Canadian Jewish News, Kay vs. Kay: COVID-19 and the Jews

March 20, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 141: Psychiatrist Andrew Lustig on the Conspiracist Internet Subculture of ‘Gangstalking

March 18, 2021, Quillette, The Campaign of Lies Against Journalist Jesse Singal — And Why It Matters

March 13, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 140, Evolutionary Psychologist (and Twitter Hit Man) Gad Saad on the ‘Cesspool’ in Academia, Hollywood’s Man-Children, and His New Book

March 11, 2021, The Long Way podcast, Episode 13, “What do we learn from board games during a pandemic?

March 9, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 139: Andrew Doyle — The Brain Behind Titania McGrath — on His New (And Very Serious) Book, Free Speech And Why It Matters

March 6, 2021, Quillette, How a Single Anonymous Twitter Account Caused an ‘Indigenized’ Canadian University to Unravel

March 4, 2021, TVO, How Much Free Speech Do Canadians Want?

March 1, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 138: Literary Critic Leon Wieseltier on His New Magazine, the Meaning of Forgiveness, and His Favorite Car-Chase Movies

March 1, 2021, Quillette, The Podcaster Who (Single-handledly) Made Me Love History

February 25, 2021, National Post, A white mob comes after an Arab-Canadian professor — in the name of anti-racism

February 23, 2021, National Post, Imported U.S. culture war about as Canadian as the Dallas Cowboys

February 22, 2021, Quillette, Podcast 137: Sociologist Nathalie Heinich on French Academics’ Opposition to America’s Race-Based Ideologies

February 17, 2021, Quillette, Accommodating Trans Athletes Without Rejecting the Reality of Human Biology

February 15, 2021, Quillette, PODCAST 136: Social Media Network Creator Brian Amerige: If You Could Create a New Network from Scratch, What Would It Look Like?

February 14, 20201, National Post, It’s a Pandemic Posrsche, Not a Midlife Crisis

February 9, 2021, Quillette, With a Star Science Reporter’s Purging, Mob Culture at The New York Times Enters a Strange New Phase

February 8, 2021, National Post, Hurting Indigenous Academics with Good Intentions

February 4, 2021, Quillette PODCAST #135: Minds.Com CEO Bill Ottman on Censorship, ‘Algorithmic Transparency,’ and the Post-Trump Social-Media Landscape

February 2, 2021, The Line, Q&A: Area ‘Clueless Man’ Uses Dog Shampoo, Earns Viral Infamy

January 27, 2021, National Post, If there really are 300 neo-Nazi groups in Canada, why can’t anyone name them?

January 23, 2021, Quillette, Trump’s Exit: An Optimist’s Take on What Happens Next

January 15, 2021, National Post, The CBC’s toxic workplace exposed after arbitrator sides with fired reporter

January 14, 2021, National Post, How social media pushes normal people to conspiracy theories

January 13, 2021, Quillette PODCAST #133: Cheri Jacobus on How Donald Trump Used Twitter to Destroy People’s Lives (Including Hers)

January 11, 2021, Quillette, Social-Media Oligopolists Are the New Railroad Barons. It’s Time for Washington to Treat Them Accordingly

January 9, 2021, National Post, The storming of the U.S. Capitol wasn’t about white supremacy, whatever Canadian pundits say

January 6, 2021, Quillette PODCAST #132: Philippe Lemoine on the Case for Lockdown Skepticism

January 2, 2021, Quillette PODCAST #131: Professor Tania Reynolds on the Controversy Over Female Mentorship in Academia

December 29, 2020, National Post, Michelle Latimer saga shows that DNA can make or break your career

December 24, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #130: Toby Young on the Free Speech Union, and His Campaign Against Cancel Culture

December 17, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #129: Oren Cass on the Conservative Case for Labor Unions

December 12, 2020, National Post, How humourless progressive puritans take offence at just about anything

December 10, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #128: Nicholas Christakis on ‘Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound And Enduring Impact of Coronavirus On The Way We Live’

December 8, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #127: Historian Benny Morris on the Forgotten 19th-Century Genocide of Turkey’s Christians

December 6, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #126: Abigail Shrier on Her New Book About Peer Contagion and Gender Dysphoria

December 1, 2020, Quillette, Race and Social Panic at Haverford: A Case Study in Educational Dysfunction

November 28, 2020, Quillette PODCAST #125, Yale School of Public Health Professor David Paltiel on Computer Modelling of COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

November 23, 2020, Quillette PODCAST 124: Shelby Steele, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, on ‘What Killed Michael Brown?’

November 21, 2020, New Book Announcement: Panics and Persecutions: 20 Quillette Tales of Excommunication in the Digital Age

November 21, 2020, The Australian, Cancel culture and the tyranny of the righteous

November 20, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST # 123: Washington-Based Journalist Brad Polumbo on LGBT Politics in the Pre- and Post-Trump Eras

November 20, 2020, National Post, I’ll miss Taste of the Danforth, but not the woke lectures on cultural appropriation

November 18, 2020, Quillette, On the Cusp of a Vaccine — and a Historic Scientific Triumph

November 18, 2020, The Line, Our COVID Culture Wars Are Just Getting Started

November 17, 2020, Quillette, Workers vs. Wokeness: Recognizing Campus Social Justice as a Luxury Good

November 14, 2020, PODCAST #122: Former Harvard Medical School Dean Jeffrey Flier, on This Week’s Good News About the Hunt for a COVID-19 Vaccine

November 9, 2020, Quillette, America Has Serious Problems. It’s Time to Stop Blaming Them on ‘Trumpism’

November 8, 2020, Foreign Policy, Canadians, Whether Left or Right, Are Glad to See Trump Go

November 6, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST #121: Jamil Jivani on the Inconvenient Truth About Donald Trump’s Non-White Supporters

November 3, 2020, Quillette, Podcast #120: Jodi Shaw on a Climate of Fear at Smith College, Following Unproven Racism Accusations

November 2, 2020, Foreign Policy, Fear Gives Way to Pity As Canadians Await U.S. Election Results

October 26, 2020, Quillette, Podcast #119: Cult Expert and Deprogrammer Rick Ross on NXIVM, Founder Keith Raniere, And the Many Tactics Cults Use to Exploit the Unwary

October 24, 2020, National Post, White guy heroically calls racism on Asian and Latin-American women

October 23, 2020, Institute for 21st Century Questions, After the Pandemic — The State & Future of Canada — A Two-Day National Conference

October 23, 2020, CBS: Inside Edition, How the 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary ‘Loose Change’ Changed the Way Misinformation Spreads

October 20, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST #117: Lucy Kross Wallace on Her Descent Into (and Escape From) Social-Justice Extremism

October 16, 2020, Quillette, Slack Wars: Corporate America’s Woke Insurgency

October 16, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST #116: Asra Nomani on the Damage Inflicted on Asian-American Students by Critical Race Theory

October 10, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST #115: Stuart Buck on How COVID-19 Has Exposed the Shortfalls of Scientific Peer Review

October 4, 2020, Quillette, At Dalhousie University, Ideology Comes First, Science Comes Second

October 3, 2020, Quillette, Podcast $114: Cellist Daniel Lelchuk on How Beethoven’s Genius Flourished in Napoleon’s World

September 25, 2020, Quillette, PODCAST 113: Jeff Rubin on the Plight of Today’s Middle-Class ‘Expendables’

September 22, 2020, National Post, B.C. NDP Succumbs to the Leftist Battle over Identity Politics

September 19, 2020, Quillette Podcast #112, Sex Neuroscientist Debra Soh on Her New Book, The End of Gender

September 11, 2020, National Post, After 9/11, I never thought we’d end up here

September, 10, 2020, Interviewee, Esquire, A Comprehensive History of ‘Loose Change’ — and the Seeds It Planted in Our Politics, by John McDermott

September 10, 2020, Dad Conversations, Episode #18

September 6, 2020, Quillette Podcast #109: Substack Founder Chris Best on How the Humble Email Newsletter is Saving Journalism

September 6, 2020, Talking Beats with Daniel Lelchuk, Episode #38

September 2, 2020, Podcast #107: Trans Pioneer Buck Angel on the Afterlife of a Porn Actor, his Campaign for LGBT Rights, and the Reality of Biological Sex

September 1, 2020, Podcast #106: Journalist and Documentary Maker Christopher Rufo on the Summer of Anarchy in Seattle and Portland

August 30, 2020, Quillette, Exploiting a Woman’s Deadly Fall to Smear Toronto’s Police

August 13, 2020, Quillette Podcast #104: University Fundraiser Peter Cohen on Jeffrey Epstein, the Scandal at MIT, and Ronan Farrow’s Flawed Journalism

August 7, 2020, Quillette Podcast #103: Evolutionary Biologist (and new Quillette Managing Editor) Colin Wright on the State of Academic Science, Gender, and His Latest Career Move

August 1, 2020, Quillette Podcast #101: Comedian Ryan Long Talks to Jonathan Kay About Comedy in the Woke Era (with Transcript)

July 22, 2020, Quillette Podcast #100, Quillette Founder and Editor-in-Chief Claire Lehmann

July 17, 2020, Quillette, In Canada’s Version of Portland, Cancel Culture Comes for ‘Steve-O-Reno’s’

July 11, 2020, Quillette Podcast #99: Michael Shellenberger on his new book Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All

July 4, 2020, Quillette Podcast #98: Physicist Lawrence Krauss on Why Identity Politics Should be Kept Out of Science

June 19, 2020, Quillette Podcast #96: Helen Joyce on the Odd Redefinition of the Word “Woman”

June 12, 2020, KMOX, Interview on The Amy Marxkors Show

June 9, 2020, Quillette, For Journalists, The New York Times’ Social-Justice Meltdown Is a Sign of Things to Come

June 7, 2020, Quillette Podcast # 94, Professor Glenn Loury on Racial Unrest in America

June 4, 2020, Quillette Podcast #93, David Frum on His New Book, Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy

May 29, 2020, Quillette Podcast #92: Journalist Cathy Young on Her Investigation of Tara Reade

May 25, 2020, Quillette, Ronan Farrow’s Botched Journalism is Troubling. The Response to It Has Been Worse

May 22, 2020, National Post, It takes a true artist to find new ways to shock the conscience. Kent Monkman has done that

May 20, 2020, Quillette, As Common Sense Returns to the Gender Debate, Radicals Set Upon Their Own Allies

May 19, 2020, Quillette Podcast #91, Oxford’s Thomas Hale on Measuring the Variation in Government Response to COVID-19

May 18, 2020, NDTV, How Can We Protect Against Superspreader Events?

May 17, 2020, India Today, Interview with Jonathan Kay

May 7, 2020, COVID-19 Superspreader-Veranstaltungen in 28 Ländern: Kritische Muster und lehrreiche Erkenntnisse

May 7, 2020, The Same Drugs Interview: Jon Kay on COVID, the lockdowns, and how to get the perfect frosted tips

May 7, 2020, National Post, Dave Rubin interview: His new book, censorship on the left and what he sees happening in Canada

May 7, 2020, National Post, The humdrum Conservative leadership contest shows the need for reform

May 4, 2020, The Spectator, A time for Ice and Fire: Why you should spend the lockdown reading George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series

May 4, Eat Move Think podcast, Superspreaders Explained

April 30, Quillette Podcast #89: Jennifer Abbasi on the Emerging Science of COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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